Tudor Cojocariu

Senior Account Executive @ LinkedIn | Advising Central & Eastern European businesses on Learning & Development


I’ve been promoted to Senior Account Executive for Learning & Development at LinkedIn

Starting today, I will be helping companies in Central and Eastern Europe develop their people and transform their busine. I will focus on leveraging my experience and applying the best practices and lessons learned from my previous role.
Follow my LinkedIn profile for insights and updates on LinkedIn Learning, the importance of skills-first approach, career development, employee retention, and so much more.

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Aparitii in presaLinkedIn

Concedieri la marile corporații internaționale: vor ajunge și în Moldova?

Moldova.org a publicat materialul de mai jos despre concedierile de la marile corporații. Am avut și eu câteva intervenții.
”Giganți tech au angajat la cote extreme în pandemie. Anticiparea că așa și vom rămâne de acum încolo a fost inexactă. Asta se observă și din reducerea numărului de oferte de muncă la distanță. A scăzut cererea de produse și servicii online și nu se mai justifică menținerea unor cohorte mari de angajați, inclusiv ingineri software. Aceștia rămân la mare căutare, dar tendința este în descreștere, sporind nevoia de consultanți de vânzări și de specialiști cu abilități non-tehnice.”

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Personal development

I wish you all a peaceful 2023, where all things will fall into their rightful places

Ever since we’ve moved to #ireland in 2019, and I had to transition to another job and industry, on top of transitioning to another country, #learning & #upskilling has progressively become an even bigger part of my life.

First, my learning was more theoretical. Then, as I discovered LinkedIn Learning it progressively became more and more practical, culminating with me joining LinkedIn 11 months ago. This is when the connection between learning and upskilling clicked for me at a whole different level. It still clicks, daily.

And this is the reason, the “why” it will remain a priority in 2023. I’ve tested for myself how staying focused and achieving very small #milestones , step by step, can lead to something big like a full professional reconversion from journalism & international development to #marketing & #sales .

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Rock Your Profile webinar for students at Universitatea Bucuresti, my alma mater

Today I had the chance to speak to students and young professionals from University of Bucharest. As a sociology graduate at same, I am honoured to have been invited to rock my younger colleagues’ profiles.
LinkedIn is a treasure for all those seeking education and career opportunities . This is why it has been enormously rewarding to have contributed to showcasing part of its potential earlier today.

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Rock Your Profile webinar for students at Universitatea de Vest from Timisoara

So extremely happy I had the chance to start my Friday morning in the company of 50 #students and #youngprofessionals from West University of Timisoara!
LinkedIn is a treasure for all those seeking #education and #career opportunities and it has been enormously rewarding to have contributed to showcasing part of its potential earlier today.

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Speaking at the Getting In & Moving Up for Women in IT event in Bucharest

I am convinced that the (almost) unlimited resources of the platform can be harnessed by any professional, regardless of their backgrounds, interests and visions. Just as they worked for me. 

And this is what I tried to convey to the 100 participants at this third edition in Bucharest. After all, this was about “doing your best to own your thoughts and master control regardless of circumstances”, as the organizers put it.

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I will be speaking at the WorryLess.VoiceMore event in Bucharest about ways to leverage LinkedIn for landing your ideal job

I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the WorryLess.VoiceMore event in Bucharest about ways to leverage LinkedIn for landing your ideal job and for growing professionally.
Romania is a well-established source of Information Technology professionals, with one of the largest talent pools in the CEE region, while University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest & Academia de Studii Economice din București remain the top education providers for the latter.
Gender balance is also among the best in region in Romania when it comes to male-female distribution of IT professionals currently employed.

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Four workdays a week, or five shortened workdays? What would you choose?

Working smarter, not harder, and prioritising more effectively to achieve results in a shorter time. These are the work habits we all strive for, even when we aren’t aware of it. It’s what we hear from colleagues, read in literature, and see in the media as being winning work tactics.
Two topics: shortening the working week from five to four days, and shortening the workday from eight to six hours, draw their legitimacy from the above aims. Both are becoming increasingly popular after we’ve seen how the work-personal life balance improves (surprise?) both our work lives and personal lives alike.
Paul J. Meyer once said that productivity is never an accident, but the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Starting from this thought, what would you choose as the best framework for ensuring you stay productive and effective during these changing times? 4 workdays a week, or 5 shortened workdays?

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LinkedIn для тих хто шукає роботу. Webinar în ucraineană pe 9 august la ora 16

Cea mai nouă măsură anunțată de LinekdIn este desfășurarea unui șir de webinarii în ucraineană. Primul webinar va avea loc marți, 9 august, la ora locală 16.00.
Prin urmare, vin cu apelul către voi de a transmite această invitație de a se înregistra tuturor celor interesați de utilizarea eficientă a platformei pentru a-și atinge obiectivele profesionale.

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