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Why are skills essential for marketing leaders across the world

• Brand, Marketing and Creativity skills are becoming more important.
• CMOs are relying primarily on improving their measurement tools and creating reevant thought leadership content to demonstrate effectiveness.
• Developing communication, finance, and data analytics, creative, and digital skills helps CMOs demonstrate marketing’s impact to CEOs and CFOs
• Upskilling their staff in innovative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, consensus-building, problemsolving, and creative strategy has become a priority for CMOs.
• Enthusiasm for using AI technology for marketing efforts is high, as 75% of B2B marketing leaders say they are likely to use or continue to use generative AI to promote business.
• AI is expected to first of all increase efficiency, generate more content faster, creating more engaging content.
These are some of the conclusions of a survey conducted by LinkedIn & Ipsos on 1,577 senior-level B2B marketing leaders and 377 CFOs around the world.
Details in the A Regional Breakdown of the B2B Marketing Benchmark article here.

Tudor Cojocariu

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