Speaking at the Getting In & Moving Up for Women in IT event in Bucharest

I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to speak at this woderful event organized by the WorryLess.VoiceMore community built around Hiroket.

Getting In & Moving Up for Women in IT is the first public event I’ve been invited to speak as a LinkedIn employee. 

Neither a #woman , nor an #engineer , nor a big promoter of #genderequality . So how did I end up there?

Well, firstly because the unbelievable Ruxandra Irina Ciocîrlan believed I could pull it off.

Secondly, because the super-determined Andreea Tanase did not opose it (ha-ha).

And thirdly, because LinkedIn was paramount in the process of making my most spectacular career transition ever. Long before I even became part of the company.

I am convinced that the (almost) unlimited resources of the platform can be harnessed by any professional, regardless of their backgrounds, interests and visions. Just as they worked for me. 

And this is what I tried to convey to the 100 participants at this third edition in Bucharest. After all, this was about “doing your best to own your thoughts and master control regardless of circumstances”, as the organizers put it.

I am enormously grateful to all those involved and thrilled about the dialogue we’ve established during and after the event!

Tudor Cojocariu

LinkedIn Learning Solutions for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe

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