Tudor Cojocariu

Senior Account Executive @ LinkedIn | Advising Central & Eastern European businesses on Learning & Development

four days week


Four workdays a week, or five shortened workdays? What would you choose?

Working smarter, not harder, and prioritising more effectively to achieve results in a shorter time. These are the work habits we all strive for, even when we aren’t aware of it. It’s what we hear from colleagues, read in literature, and see in the media as being winning work tactics.
Two topics: shortening the working week from five to four days, and shortening the workday from eight to six hours, draw their legitimacy from the above aims. Both are becoming increasingly popular after we’ve seen how the work-personal life balance improves (surprise?) both our work lives and personal lives alike.
Paul J. Meyer once said that productivity is never an accident, but the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Starting from this thought, what would you choose as the best framework for ensuring you stay productive and effective during these changing times? 4 workdays a week, or 5 shortened workdays?

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