I’ve been promoted to Senior Account Executive for Learning & Development at LinkedIn

Starting today, I will be helping companies in Central and Eastern Europe develop their people and transform their business. I will focus on leveraging my experience and applying the best practices and lessons learned from my previous role.
Follow this space for insights and updates on LinkedIn Learning, the importance of skills-first approach, career development, employee retention, and so much more.
Learning has been key ever since I became a LinkedIn user 11 years ago. First, it helped me with improving my current skills and developing new ones. Then, it made my professional reconversions possible. And finally, it fuelled my career development plans.
However, the best learning experience always comes with a human face. And what a face it was! After being welcomed at LinkedIn 19 months ago by my today’s manager, I joined the Growth Market Staffing team.
Becoming a top performer and constantly overachieving expectations would not have been possible without you, my extraordinary colleagues. I am relieved that we’ll continue working on the same region, literally side by side.
This being said, to all my colleagues & business partners I’ve come to know and appreciate, I’m looking forward to making the opportunities ahead our common success story!

Tudor Cojocariu

LinkedIn Learning Solutions for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe

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