Tudor Cojocariu

Senior Account Executive @ LinkedIn | Advising Central & Eastern European businesses on Learning & Development


Personal development

I wish you all a peaceful 2023, where all things will fall into their rightful places

Ever since we’ve moved to #ireland in 2019, and I had to transition to another job and industry, on top of transitioning to another country, #learning & #upskilling has progressively become an even bigger part of my life.

First, my learning was more theoretical. Then, as I discovered LinkedIn Learning it progressively became more and more practical, culminating with me joining LinkedIn 11 months ago. This is when the connection between learning and upskilling clicked for me at a whole different level. It still clicks, daily.

And this is the reason, the “why” it will remain a priority in 2023. I’ve tested for myself how staying focused and achieving very small #milestones , step by step, can lead to something big like a full professional reconversion from journalism & international development to #marketing & #sales .

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